What is the commission rate?

Commission rate is 5% of the total sale. Payouts occur at the end of every month via PayPal or store credit.

Is there a discount offered?

Yes. Your affiliate code offers 10% off to the customer as an incentive for them to purchase. You can view your coupon code by clicking here.

Do you offer image ads for my website?

Yes. Click here to download images.

Need a custom image for your website/social media? We’ll create one for you! Just let us know at [email protected]

How do I get more commissions?

Post your coupon code and url on your social media posts and bio.

Tell people what you love about Yoloha’s products in person and online.

Write a blog talking about Yoloha’s products. Be sure to include your discount code!

Pass out business cards with your discount code in person. We will mail them to you at no charge! Just let us know: [email protected]

Click on the creative tab to download images to your website with your url.